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Writing a UX case study

Case studies are the new thing if you are a designer and you are looking to share your skills with others, especially the UX ones. If your portfolio lacks depth, but you know your experience is enough to crack em’, there’s only one thing to do: research about UX case studies.

When we were researching for ourselves, we found out that UX designers put too much emphasis on deliverables and not enough on their design decisions.

If you’re not able to articulate your decisions, it will make your designer days harder. And it will limit your options regarding your career because your portfolio won’t look as good as you wished. A case study is the foundation of a strong portfolio.

Case studies are those who stand out for yourself

Being such a huge deal lately, the job growth of a UX is expected to rise 22% over the next 10 years. There is a lot of competition and for that your portfolio should look stunning, not just a selection of good-looking deliverables.

Managers look for well-written UX case studies when they are hiring, even though they are written by designers. We know it might not be your basic skill, but there’s no one understanding better than you what’s to highlight and what’s not.


What to include in a case study:

  1. Intro
  2. Problem
  3. Target and users
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Scope and constraints
  6. Process
  7. Outcomes

Writing a UX case study

Source: Inside Design

Writing a UX case study

Source: Inside Design


Step 1: Give your project a title

First mistake you can avoid is lacking of information in title. Give details for context.

Good title: How to build a brand from scratch – Avocadoo Case Study

So-so: Branding Case Study – Avocadoo

Bad: Avocadoo Study


Step 2: Structure

Write some thoughts on a paper and decide how to structure your case study. This is a big project so you need to check out all the details before you start working.


Step 3: Fill in the details

This is the step where you’ll research for whatever you did for this project as a UX designer. You need to understand all the principles in order to show em’ off. It’s like science experiments in high school.

Answer this questions: What did you do, why did you do it, what was the result, what did you learn?


Step 4: Headlines

You might get to the point where you’re asking yourself: Who would read this? Good point, you need to focus on what’s important and cut out things that would bore the audience. Write a headline for each section, it will be easier for your audience to process information.


Other tips:

  1. Merge some bits of information into one paragraph.  You may combine the overview and problem statement. It depends on you
  2. Read again your case study and be sure you don’t forget to write the most important and relevant details


Examples in action

  1. Rezident Branding- Challenge

Writing a UX case study

   2. Bavaria Mobility – BMW Rental – Solution

Writing a UX case study

3. Alecu Russo – Real Estate results

Writing a UX case study

4. Hadar Chalet Case Study – Responsive

Writing a UX case study

5. Muratic Branding & Ui Elements

Writing a UX case study

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