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Welcome your audience with a splash screen

Whether you’re using your skills to design a hotel entrance, greet someone that has never seen your brand or you just wanna say hey, keep that in mind: first impressions count and a splash screen may be your answer.

So how should you make a memorable first impression when users decide whether they’ll stay or leave in a mere fraction of a second? The answer is a splash screen. Design a short introductory screen that sets the vibe for the rest of the user experience.

We think that splash screens add value to your brand and ensure each users’ first experience is a positive one.

But splash screens may help you more while interacting with your audience. We’ll get to that later, but let’s see some splash screens examples meant to inspire you.

TikTok and ChefsFeed

splash screen

Waze and Bitmoji

splash screen

OpenTable and Lime

splash screen


splash screen

Why use a splash screen?

These days, websites and apps load instantly and you might think a splash screen is unnecessary, but they serve a few important purposes. Let’s check them out.


Purpose 1: Welcome users on your website and set the tone for their experience

User experience begins at the moment he or she opens your website. And, voila, here comes a splash screen that will help you set the scene for users, letting them know you are here for them.


Purpose 2: Manage perceptions and expectations

We found a formula behind how satisfied users are. David H. Maister thinks that satisfaction = perception – expectation.

If your perception is bigger than what you expected, it means you are satisfied. Otherwise, you are not happy about your experience.

splash screen

Splash screens give a little boost to user’s perception, helping to reduce bounce rate and managing expectations from the very beginning.


Purpose 3: Cover delays in loading

Waiting may be often unavoidable, even if you use premium devices. It may take a few seconds and you can smooth it out with a splash screen. It reduces the anxiety of waiting for something to happen.

They make you feel patient, giving you confidence that we’re still here for you and we make sure everything is fine in real time.


Quart tips: Add a personal touch to your design

If websites give you lemon, make a splash lemonade out of it. Your splash screen is an excellent opportunity to delight your audience with some personality.

splash screen


Don’t take it too seriously, but don’t go childish either. Catchy is enough, you’re not performing a stand up comedy show.

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