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Our Brave New World. Relevance Is the New Currency

During these past few months, our society has changed in more ways that we could have anticipated. Many of these changes had been a long time coming, but brands weren’t ready to accept some of the market realities and fully embed them into their products and services. 

You could say this shift in the way we brand our products and the way people consume them is somewhat artificial, mainly because this pandemic brought a huge disruption along with it and made us rethink the entire economic paradigm. 

However, the fact that the factors of change were extrinsic doesn’t mean they are not real. What this social situation did is not face us with an economic model that could not have been foreseen. It pointed us towards the same direction, but at a spectacular speed. 

Market elasticity is not just about the price anymore. It used to be: a product is elastic if its price adapts to the market demand. 

Now, adapting to the market means so much more than just being flexible to demand. It means the real, unequivocal commitment to provide a valuable product in an accessible way. More than ever, it means anticipating consumer needs in a meaningful manner


The Tone of Voice Will Stand Loud And Real

We’re very used to saying that the tone of voice is a reflection of the brand’s personality and its values. It is the kind of answer that sort of automatically pops up in your mind. And while it was initially created as a mantra, it had become just another checkbox you had to tick in your communication. Empty words, void of any kind of meaning. This has to change.

Associating a personality to the brand means committing to being active not just through whatever CSR you’re doing this year, but through actual involvement at every level, from means of production to the technology you’re using and the way you treat your employees. 


Market Evolution Makes People Value Relevance Over Anything Else 

One thing brands should be proud of is that they have managed to educate people through competition, showing more and more of their humanity until it became mandatory. But educated people are less likely to buy out of inertia. They develop clear criteria and, as brands figure them out, they understand themselves too.

Constant education of the market has made people more exigent. ‘Demanding’ is not the right word for it, because – as we write in all our presentations and campaign rationales – brands should, in fact, bring value. There is nothing unreasonable about wanting a product to be real. 

When education persists, standards rise. The power of knowledge and the understanding that brands depend on people just as much as people depend on quality products makes for a more ‘balanced’ game. One in which every player knows its power and the responsibility that comes with it. 


Ad Saturation Doesn’t Mean People Won’t Consume Advertising

And here’s the catch. People used to be very reluctant when it came to associating themselves with brands. This has changed. Micro-influencers work because they are relatable. The lifestyle they portray is close to what your target aims to achieve in the foreseeable future, and so they are aspirational, but within reach. 

While the privacy conversation is still nuanced and even delicate in some countries, people are more open than ever to tailored ads that are useful to them and that help them select the products that best match their needs. Word of Mouth is any brand’s real value.

However, this means that granular targeting is mandatory, even for mass market products. Positioning your brand differently depending on the persona you’re addressing is not just a campaign outlook anymore, it should be an ad-level requirement.  


Digital Transformation Is A Good Place To Build On

The digital transformation impacts production, distribution, positioning and pretty much every other step of the process. 

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that anticipating people’s needs is not just a key competitive factor, but that it has to be treated seriously and integrated in every product positioning matter. 

IoT is not just a concept anymore – it is a set of tools at your disposal, ready to help you design better and more efficient internal processes to more adequately predict and respond to shifts in demand


Future-Centric Starts Now

Products, now more than ever, have to be modular and flexible – in communication, distribution and development. Keeping a family business the way your grandfather did will only get you this far. Future-centric means, above anything else, being ready to embrace innovation and to adjust internal and external processes based on the state of facts. 

This is the future and it’s adapt or die.

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