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Designing for diverse audiences

Designing for diverse audiences

What happens when designers actually sit down and create? How can we work better, smarter or easier when it comes to diversity?

To amaze through design, inclusivity must be a part of your foundation as a creative. We checked in how others approach this topic and wrote a four tips article that can help you along the way.

1. Seek for the nontraditional

The first step in creating more diverse work is hiring a diverse creative team. There is power in simply interacting with another cultures and mindsets.

A 2017 study says that 60% of graphic designers are white, a lower rate comparing to 1991, when the actual number was 93%.

Designing for diverse audiences

The best designers don’t always come from design backgrounds.


2. User test

With great power comes great responsibility. And digital nowadays is the greatest weapon we can use as creatives.

Ashleigh Axios, former White House Creative Director says “Digital design generally has a much higher standard of inclusion to meet because it supports an increasingly global, connected, and diverse economy,”.

Designing for diverse audiences

She also created a set of digital best practices that includes also suggestions about diversity into teams and processes. First tip of Axios: “Learn about your audiences: their motivations, needs, behaviors, challenges, pain points, and goals. Consider existing customers, prospective customers, your client’s customers, and past customers.”  


3. Use diversity to recharge your creativity

If you’re looking for inspiration, don’t use only advertising platforms to recharge. Search for other kind of arts, design in different jobs and state of minds. Diversity is the best way to understand what others think and how they express themselves.

It might be better than you think


4. Get your customers in the room

Beyond simply hoping to represent your audience, go one step further and meet potential customers to understand better what they think of your design. It’s going to be a different and rewarding experience, we promise.

The question is, what processes excluded these people in the first place? The best feedback comes from those who expect certain products on shelves.

Designing for diverse audiences

And if you cannot meet your audience in person, then use a survey to find out. Users can provide immediate feedback. Diversity in design is more of  conversation – a relationship between creatives and consumers.

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