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How to get real followers on Instagram

Every year brings changes regarding online marketing, so we gotta keep an eye on what’s new or engaging. And, because Instagram is the most valuable platform, your brands goal should be to build a community around it. An important topic this year is the increasing number of fake accounts that bring you more followers. Be careful, they are not true.

Still, followers are important and brands need them. But why? Why is it so important for brands?

Followers equal trust. The numbers of followers has an impact on trust regarding your brand. Real followers are the positive image of your brand. Instagram users tend to follow accounts that have a large number of followers. How to consider this and find that magic formula all in the same time? It’s all about research, baby, and we did it for you. Here are some tips & tricks that will help you build a community and gain more followers. Let’s find out how to get real followers on Instagram.

How to get real followers on Instagram

1. Promote you instagram account on your other social media channels.

We call them owned channels because you are in control with everything that happens on the other social media accounts. Use this as a possibility to promote your Instagram page. This way you will know for sure that your followers are the real deal and they already know who you are and what are your values.


2. Complete your profile data and find a catchy statement

Users tend to be more engaged by brands who show a real image of their core business, a bio description, and a unique design.

How to get real followers on Instagram

3. Use related hashtags for your posts

Try Keyhole or Hashtagify to find related hashtags for your posts. You can use up to 30 hashtags and those tools will help you find the rights ones that fit your brand.

4. Use insta stories

Hashtags will help you gain more visibility, but so insta stories. Followers of your followers will find them in the Explore section.

5. Be authentic, use engagement strategies

The secret of engagement strategies is authentic strategies on social media. It is the fastest way for your brand to reach an organic audience, but, in the same time, you may fail trying. That’s why you need a pro team to advise you.

How to get real followers on Instagram

And don’t forget, use Instagram Analytics to see what works and what don’t.

Of course, every brand has it’s own strategy formula, that’s why you need a team to advise you with your brand image.

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