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TikTok’s finally got some real competition

Yep, you’ve heard us right. The fast-growing TikTok app found its match: Byte.

Remember Vine? Its successor, Byte, has launched on both PlayStore and the AppStore and in just one week has gained 1.3 million downloads only in the US, Great Britain and Canada.

The co-founder of Vine has returned with Byte, a new app that focuses on looping videos that can be shared to the users’ other social media profiles. The launch comes as a surprise as it has been in a secret beta testing phase for the past two years.

Byte has a lot of work to do, especially in cleaning the ‘Popular’ feed as some of the short videos featured on that page have explicit or sensitive jokes. When first launched, Byte didn’t have an age-gate, but they’ve soon updated their terms and conditions so that a user has to be over 17 to sign up for an account.

While TikTok has already made clear its intention to become an influencer platform through the ad update they’ve recently introduced, it remains to be seen what are Byte’s future ideas of development. Its co-founder already stated that he wants to help content creators earn money through his new app, but with no specifics yet announced, we’ll have to wait to see what’s next for Byte.

Nevertheless, the potential of this app is huge, as it most surely will become TikTok’s feared rival on the market.

Now let’s see those funny videos online!

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