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How to sell on Instagram [Update 2020]

New tool to increase sales or How to sell on Instagram

Digital has no one size fits all solution. Look however much you wish, but we don’t do this here. The whole point of the digital environment is that, for the first time in history, people can be a part of things regardless of geography or any other boundaries. Another crucial difference is that we can be part of more than just one community at a time. Dope, right?

Of course we’ve learned to take it for granted. But it’s vital that this very premise of possibilities is the basis of our every digital endeavour. When people can associate themselves with whichever symbols, brands or movements define them, the stakes of relevance are higher than ever.

Here’s how to build and engage your audience on Instagram in 2020:

1. User-generated content

Your target needs to trust your brand first. Because Instagram users are tech savvy and have native understanding of the digital world, content has to be valuable and eye-catching in split-second, when decisions are made. The theory of scrolling being a continuation and clicking a disruption in behaviour applies to your business as well, and it means that the decision to stop and wonder versus get past your post and instantly forget it is made in a split second. This is why content has to be relevant and compelling. So that, instead of being lost in the sea of digitally beautified imagery, your content should generate a behaviour. The first interaction of a user with your brand is a click. Whether that means a double tap or a share to a friend, it is the first conscious decision that your target will make in relation to your brand.

And so you want it to be powerful, meaningful and memorable. Your awareness purpose is to generate buzz – for your target to show their friends that amazing image or video content they saw in a relation to a product or service they are interested in. Believe it or not, Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool for word of mouth.

Let’s take this further. Assume that this first-date-type interaction goes well and you’re liked, clicked and shared. Your new fan should be compelled to create a story with your brand. This event is, perhaps, one of the first and most important steps in encouraging loyal customers.

The more you encourage people to engage with your brand in a meaningful way, you become part of their lives, their personalities or their routines. Your very existence becomes stronger in association with the people whose allegiance lies with you.

It goes without saying that the kind of user generated content that motivates people through giveaways is behind us. We have to provide our users with meaningful experiences, relevant information and associations they want to be a part of.

How to sell on Instagram

How to sell on Instagram tips no. 2

2. Post Insta stories with Swipe Up

Insta story is a tool you can benefit from to increase your business value. Use it to post three or four times a week about anything related to your product. There is nothing you can’t do on stories, except be boring. That’s a mistake that doesn’t have any place on the Internet in 2020, especially on behalf of a brand.

If your brand has over 10k followers on Instagram, use the swipe up feature. The hype about it is that you can embed a link to whichever webpage you want to promote directly into the story. It is a pretty big deal for brands, since Instagram doesn’t read links in descriptions. This means that, if your brand is currently under 10k followers, your primary objective is changing that in 2020.

The Swipe Up sends your users to any landing page of your choosing. And to understand exactly how cool this is, you must know that each hour spent on Instagram means 20 minutes on stories for millennials and 25 minutes for Gen Z.

Gen Z have one common trait – very short attention span, due to the enormous quantity of content available to them. Because of this, brand have started to adapt their strategies.

Perhaps one of the most on-point campaigns was the one of the New York Public Library. Because people check out less and less books, they decided to post novels as Insta stories. The campaign was a huge success.

Last, but not least, the update we all knew was coming: WhatsApp has announced that 2020 will be the year of advertisement via story for them as well. When the news was first announced last year, some users were not happy and threatened to delete their accounts.

The Status Ads will launch later this year and mark a huge change for WhatsApp, the app previously known for their ‘no ads’ policy before becoming part of the Facebook family.

How to sell on Instagram

3. Use funny content and GIFs

Of course jokes make the world go round. They’re great because they establish a genuine connection between people with the same sense of humor and with relatable experiences. This is why millennials love memes – finally someone has thought to simplify every social situation and create archetypes of amusement. And it works, it is a great exercise of honesty.

We encourage it. Humor makes us human. It makes us emotional, fallible, genuine and, perhaps most importantly, it makes us real. Brands engaging in funny experiences and content show us their human faces, their personalities and their true identities.

A great example of naturally integrated humor is the Buffer blog, which is not only a bible of good practices for begginers in the field, but also a nice source of amusement for advertisers worldwide.

How to sell on Instagram

4. We’re not happy about it, but influencer marketing

Many resolutions later, influencer marketing is still a thing. Only in 2020 it has changed as well – it’s more about granular reach. In other words, even this trend has been divided into a thousand more applied solutions.

Not all influencers were created equal. However, the more the influencer is fit to your product and to your persona, the higher the credibility and the impact. Basically, take the same marketing principle that’s been ruling over the Internet over the past two decades and apply it to influencers.

Users with between 1k and 5k followers, whose accounts are not glam or polished, whose photos don’t go through hours of editing, are more real and, because of it, more appealing to your very real personas.

However, in smaller countries such as Romania or Lithuania, even under 1k followers will do. The logic behind this one is actually easy – because there’s less people to interact with, these influencers have actually more time to be meaningful, in turn, with their followers. This translates into much higher organic engagement rates and into better business for you.

So they’re not just a better investment compared to macro influencers, but also a smarter one. According to a 2018 study, only 44% of nano-influencers actually preferred monetary compensations.

Plus, not being widely used yet, they can give your brand a true competitive advantage.

5. IGTV takes overs

It looks like 2020 Instagram has become omnipotent in terms of digital presence. Now the platform allows content creators to add up to 60 minutes of content, which makes it compete with industry giants like YouTube.

Now Instagram is testing a new layout for its dedicated video content on the IGTV app, which looks less like a generic Instagram or Facebook feed and more along the lines of Tik Tok, all to encourage users to consume more native content.

Because younger viewers are more and more accustomed to short-form, snackable content, the platform seems to want to capitalize on this – clearly a large chunk of its development money goes into making the platform more video-friendly, which – in turn – allows you to stay ahead of your competition if you get on the trend on time.


Definitely 2020 is going to be challenging. But a lot of new trends means a whole new world of possibilities to stay relevant to your audience.

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