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Get to know your audiences with apps

Understand your target is your keys to success. No brand will grow at its full capacity if the audiences are poorly-defined. You will be able to deliver that type of content your target is looking for: entertaining, fun, educational and so on. But what triggers audiences and what makes them curious about more?

You will definitely find out if you use one or more of these tools.


Survey tools -How to learn from your audience

People may be glad to share their opinion with you: what you should improve or what you should try next. And you will need those precious information. Collect the results and try to understand your audience.

1. Typeform (free)

So intuitive and user-friendly. You get the chance to share a survey link on your social media accounts and you can also set up some interactive visual elements.

2. Survey Monkey (free)

We all know about Survey Monkey, it’s the most used survey out there.  What we love most about it is that you can customize everything: type of questions, type of survey, type of answers and the list can go on. Survey Monkey is free as long as you need just 10 questions / survey. For $35 month you will benefit from unlimited questions.

3. Survata (paid)

For $200 / month you can find people to take your survey based on their demographics. A safe way to get insights from a certain group.

4. Voice Polls (paid)

After you create the survey, Voice Polls gives you the opportunity to pay 10 cents for every person who answers the questions. And if you pay 20 cents, you can choose who should take the survey.


Feedback tools

5. Heat-map (free trial)

Heat map allows you to access information such users’ engagement. You can see where exactly they are looking on your page and how time they spend on certain visuals or CTA’s.

6. User Testing (paid)

User Testing provides video of your audience sharing their thoughts as they check out your website. The price is a little high, $225 / month but believe us, it worth the deal.


Persona tools

7. Personapp (free)

It’s so much easier when you seek your audiences through an app that can get you all the relevant information about who scroll through your website.

8. Up Close & Persona (free)

For a complete profile of your audience, this tool helps you by asking visitors a lot of great questions in order to understand what motivates them and influence their behavior.


Data tools

9. Facebook Audience Insights (free)

Facebook gives you the possibility to create any sort of target demographics (by region, age, gender, interest, page likes and many others). Go to your insights and learn about your audiences.

10. Followerwonk (free)

It’s the same as Facebook Audience Insights, but for Twitter. It’s intuitive and it looks a lot like the other specific apps for insights. Take a look.

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