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01. Intro


As you probably figured it out, Avocadoo is all about avocado. We built together an avo-centric brand using online and offline strategies for: social media, website, menus, printed materials or packaging.

What Avocadoo stands for is: enjoying a healthy meal while you have some fun.

02. Challenge

There were a lot of challenges along the way as we had to create a brand from ground zero. Avocadoo needed a positioning strategy and a communication plan to reach their goal: awareness and word of mouth.

Our first challenge was to build a 100% natural brand that competes on a market full of vegetarian/bio products. We wanted to create a different statement, not so sale oriented, but more human oriented.

Still, looking at the big picture, Avocadoo started as small business trying to compete with food giants. That was another challenge we had to deal with.

And last but not least, the limited budget pushed our creativity beyond the limits.

03. Solution

What we did?
Built a brand
through eye catchy design and a
strong brand strategy

04. Results

Followers on Instagram
Website Traffic
In-Store Customers
Expected Sales
Digital Engagement
Digital Reach

05. Services

  • Branding & brand strategy
  • Brand architecture & identity
  • Graphic design
  • Web design & development
  • Packaging & location branding
  • Social Media strategy & design
  • Planning & Research

06. Tools and Skills


Logo Architecture
Color Psychology
Font Styling


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
After Effects


Input Controls
Hi Res Mockups
Navigational Components
Informational Components


Journey Simplification
Functionality, Individuality, Predictability
Improved Personalization
Video Experience

Making brands stand out
Here for you

08. Font Styling

Avocadoo x Quart


Avocadoo needed a fresh design, completed by a friendly and familiar font. Our choice was Noto Sans Regular as a primary font and Noto Sans Bold as a secondary font, two of the most readable fonts, that will bring impact on content, giving a warm feeling in the same time.

09. Color Psychology

Avocadoo x Quart

Color Palette

Color Palette was not an easy choice, as everything had to mix together. Our solution? To create a gradient palette, from strong and extravagant to dusty, almost pastel colors.
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10. Icons

Avocadoo x Quart


Icons are inspired by simplicity and everything related to it. As users are no longer interested in what you have to say for more than about 5 seconds, we created a set of ui/ux icons, intuitive and easy to find.
SYSTEM icons

11. Brand Patterns

Avocadoo x Quart


Patterns are one of our favourite elements simply because they become part of a brand's visual identity. Patterns can play a vital role in brand recognition and make it more easy to switch from online presence to in-store elements: packaging, flyers, menus and so on.
We created a pattern whose main purpose was to become our brand's visual spirit. Young, fun and playful.
And, as we saw them, those 3 characteristics meant simplicity, shapes, lines and colors, all visualised into different types of patterns. Usage: packaging, social media, website or any stationery product.

12. Photographic Directions

Avocadoo x Quart


Our main goal was to share a bit of the Avocadoo flavor trough images. So, we used close-up photos for the menu/ website and playful/colored photos for our social media accounts.

13. User Knowledge

Avocadoo x Quart

Ui Elements

We used UI elements according to the target, easy to see, clean, with a pinch of youthness. All the navigation elements, information components, containers or input controls had a common goal: to create a simple & unique website experience.

16. Summary

The result was amazing, same as the rest of the projects we worked for. At least, that's what they say
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