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Why should developers and designer cooperate

developers and designer cooperate


Managers often cite “collaboration” as a top soft skill they look for when hiring. They need employees that understand each others needs. And here we are, to discuss the eternal misunderstanding between developers and designers. They need to share information in order to:


Understand how long things take

The role of the developer is often abstract for the other team members. Meanwhile, a lot of problems related to designers happen away from Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch. When building a minimum viable product, it helps also the designers and developers to understand what is a quick and what is a multiple hours project. Because answers are not always certain.

There are some basic things designers should understand. Sometimes it’s not just about copying a line of coding and pasting it. It’s about a whole journey that should be set up together. Don’t get us wrong, as we said, developers need to understand also about the workflow of a designer. And of course, they should determine together how a project will come alive.

developers and designer cooperate

Likewise, developers should get themselves comfortable with the UX process and learn the value of user’s research – basically all things that lead to the best user experience.


Agree on the workflows

One of the most important parts of any collaboration is to agree on a set of principles in order to get things done. It’s all about how people work with one another and how technical stuff are completed.

How do you submit bugs or how do you prefer to be asked questions? On Skype, Slack, in person? Those are just some things you may want to solve before starting a project. Otherwise, you might have problems.


Understand common processes

Thanks to apps like Sketch and Studio, developers and designers are closer to speak the same language. But you can make it easier introducing the concept of Design Thinking who influence how products are designed, but helps you see the bigger picture in the same time.

Team work makes the dream work.

developers and designer cooperate

Remember that, if you build a strong team, there is no project that can’t be done or any problem that can’t be solved.

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