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How UI/UX helps Search Engine Optimization

UI/UX Search Engine Optimization

The top advertising agencies are already aware of the benefits of search engine optimization. There’s nothing new under the sun for us, experience showed us that design and website architecture play a huge role into bringing users back again on your platform.

How UI/UX helps Search Engine Optimization? We prepared a top of 5 most common reasons that helped us improve our strategy along the way regarding user’s journey.


1. Faster Websites

It’s a fact. Users are more into fast websites. People can switch between pages with the speed of the light and they find what they need in a short amount of time. Users don’t waste their time anymore scrolling or struggling to get the information. If they don’t find what they need in 5 seconds, then you’re out of the game. Last market researches have shown that there are a lot (we mean a looot) of business with the same product or services and the competition is harsh so you better be prepared.


2.  Improved navigation

To expand the first point, website navigation is crucial. So many websites die on the vine because they do not make themselves easy to use.

UI/UX Search Engine Optimization

Quart tips: Search bar is a must. Allow your users to bounce wherever they want. All menus should be simple and easy to understand. And if not, users are going to migrate.


3. Create headings

Most websites don’t consider headings, but they are actually the roadmaps of your platform that users can count on. UI/UX designers are aware of how much they weight for a brand’s success.

Search engine crawlers are not able to understand the purpose of your website without headings. A proper design will guide them to know what is going on.


4. Longer session duration

A user friendly website is always going to attract more visitors, but how long are they willing to stay for? This is an important question that needs to be answered. You need engaging content to keep users interested about what you have to say.

UI/UX Search Engine Optimization

The more time that the consumer spends on your website, the more willing he will be to listen to your message.


5. Low bounce rate

Users migrate. Bounce rate is increasing mostly because of website that are hard to take. Luckily, those who understand how UI/UX works can avoid those situations.

The lower the bounce rate, the better. Content organization is one of the most important aspects, but you can also count on landing pages to reduce the rate and optimize your SEO

Tips: By taking the time to make sure that your website is properly optimized, your business will be automatically placed better. Don’t forget that you need a pro team you can count on every time. Take time for perfection.

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