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Simple and cheap logo

Yes anybody can create a simple and cheap logo, but creativity and experience are those characteristics who bring spectacular results. You’ll definitely find someone you’ll pay with a small amount of money for a logo, maybe an art student or a design passionate withouth experience. But consider this, you might spend your money for nothing.

The right question is, do you want to spend that money for a simple and cheap logo?

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at bad design.

Simple and cheap logo



One thing we and our clients learned is: Value the experience.

Experience is the one you pay when you choose to work with a designer or a creative team. Those 10 bucks agreed on your budget will be lost, same as the time and recources you put into that whole process.

Why a spectacular logo costs more than 10 bucks?

It’s a whole package – the personality of your brand.


Simple and cheap logo


You can compare it with a series of human features that will become part of your brand.

All the insights you use to find the right positioning and after that the logo execution mean a lot of effort from the creative team because there are at least 2 or 3 options available for you. There are patterns, icons, tone of voice, tonality, behaviour, meaning, guidelines and the list can go on forever.

Two alternatives if you’re running a business:

1. You focus on sales, not on design

2. You focus on design, but you’ll be careful to communicate the exact values of your brand.

Quart team hopes you enjoyed the article, it is inspired by some news on, a reliable source for us.

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