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Samsung launched NEON, the ‘artificial human’, at CES 2020

Samsung’s satellite company oriented on research has just launched a new, movie-type AI, completely different from what we’re used to, at CES 2020, after months of teasers.

Although the presentations and PR kits were very elusive, this virtual human being was described as being “not an AI assistant,” but “simply, a friend.”

People following Samsung on Twitter know about the teasers they have been posting for a while now, and Neon itself has a Twitter profile since December, where it’s been active. Additionally, the artificial human has a LinkedIn profile, whose description is: ‘bringing science fiction to reality” and has “the mission to imagine and create a better future for all’.

The tweet announcing their presence at CES made it all much more interesting.

Tweet Samsung present at CES 2020

The company name is STAR Labs and stands for Samsung’s Technology and Advanced Research company based in the Bay Area. The acronym sends you immediately to the Superman comics, its source of inspiration. Of course, looking at the prototypes the facility presents it’s easy to understand the Sci-Fi component. We are fans of great sources of inspiration, too.

However, not everyone’s seeing this as the crowning of decades of digital evolution. Many voices associate the project with dystopias they’ve seen, making it all very polarized.

Customer Electronics Show – CES 2020

CES is ‘the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies’, as they define themselves. The event is the go-to gathering for businesses focusing on democratising tech for all kinds of customers.

Apple hasn’t been at any edition of the event in the last 28 years. However, CES 2020 is a lucky edition.

The tech giant is not showcasing any products, but selling the very idea of customer privacy through its presence in the event panels. Facebook is also part of this initiative, but critics of the industry are reluctant to speak of the real benefits these policies will bring for consumers.

Data protection has been an issue for long enough – since before the Cambridge Analytical scandal. While the EU has GDPR in place to ensure at least some of the regulations are in place, the US and Canada are still facing many issues regarding this very serious intrusion.

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