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Rules to work by

Yes, we are creative and building brands is what we love most, but let’s face it, a good relationship cares for communication, even when clients and agencies are involved.

Our daily flow is guided by a set of values and rules we care about so much that we can’t keep just for ourselves.

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We bring the extra in the ordinary

We are creatives, developers and organizers. We are beards, dresses and funky shoes. But most of all, we’re the ones that filter through the noise and handpick only those elements that are a pleasure to interact with. Our in-house skills include everything from branding, copywriting and graphic design to web design, development and e-commerce. We love blending the rational with the intuitive, the analytical with the inspired. We pursue brilliance and we live for fine details.


At the end, we throw in a little extra sparkle for good measure. The resulting mix is what wakes us up early in the morning and keeps us going until deep into the night.


We are Quart.

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How projects come alive

There is no secret potion that led us to successful projects, just some rules we created along the way. First things first, before strategy, development or design, we need to check out some details.

Dream team #client #love #quart.

3. Up To Discovery

This is the part where we get to know each other better. As in all relationships. We are stalking you trough brand research (visual and strategic approach).

1. Online Brief

First thing we need before the creative process is the brief. That's ok, we won't judge you if your dog ate your brief, but somehow we need to figure it out together. Creating a brief is one of our services.

2. On Boarding

Our meeting was a success, we like each other, now let's work together. You will receive an on-boarding email meant to describe the journey of your project and the related steps.

Project in the making

After you approve our strategic and visual concept we are all set up with the discovery steps. Basically, the creative process is about to start and we are sooo excited. Everything should go as planned if we make it work. Hubby and wife, remember?

Together till the very end (of the project). And, if we go to this topic, every relationship needs a set of rules. We respect yours because we know you’ll do the same. Check them out.

5. Budget friendly

We work accordingly to the budget, as long as you are friendly with what we agreed. Imagine you change your mind afterwards and you want beef steak instead of soup. A really tasteful soup, but still soup. We'd love to work extra, but the cook needs to be payed for his skills.

1. Our Schedule

Creatives seem like some kind of hippie Woodstock souls. But you know, we are all human beings and we need some resting time. Otherwise we won't be 100% artists. That's why our working schedule is from 9 a.m to 6 p.m, Monday to Friday.

2. Fdbk Feedback

Don't ghost us, please, we hate the seen sign. Come ooon, give us a feedback and we promise not to bother you with late night texts when you wanna hang out with the boys. You know..We need it to proceed with the timeline management.

3. T/L Mgmt

We need your feedback during the agreed timeline because if we don't get it, there is a major chance that your project won't be delivered on time. One of us is loosing money, the other one is loosing time. Or time and money for the both of us.

4. One
to one

Chatting with more than one assigned member means a lot of confusing information, for us and for you also. That's why we love our project manager. Sandra, if you see this, we love you. She is the one who keeps all the data for the creative team and collects feedback only from the decision maker.


Quart is all about fresh ideas and keeping up with the latest trends. This is the way we see our creational process and our work as a whole also.

Ninety nine per cent of the time we will talk about how to build your brand stronger, how to create statements, but there comes a time in life when we gotta talk technicalities language. Don’t worry, there are only a few of them, you can see them right below.


4. More & more

We like things straight since the beginning so please, please let us know your plans. Do you need a website, or a website, some business cards and a brochure? Those things are important to us because they will be mentioned in the agreement. If you decide otherwise, we will charge it separately.

1. Proper B2B

Our mission is to deliver the best through any kind of creative material. Won't go for less, that's why we want to make sure you're with us. You know, bureaucratic stuff, still stuff we care about. This is the way we work, after a part of the payment is done.

2. Legal rights

Legal rights will be ceded to you after you sign the handover documents. Can't wait for that part. We care about the projects we work for so much that we don't want to keep them just for ourselves. We want to share the creative materials with any particular individual.

3. Break up

If we decide to break up and move on with our lives, there are some details to consider. Who's gonna keep the house and who's gonna live with the dog? Or how much do you need to pay for that's been done. We've been together for a long time and a part of our soul (project) belongs to you.

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