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News Feed – a feature less important

News Feed era is over

Facebook has performed some changes regarding pages to support small business possibility to increase their value. Over 80 millions business use Facebook pages, with over 1.6 billions people connected to them. And, weekly, 2 out of 3 are visiting a Facebook page of a local business or an event.

It’s obvious now that business pages play a huge role in Facebook’s ecosystem. But, because brand’s statistics are continuously falling, Facebook has updated some features to help business deliver information in different ways, not only on news feed.

Let’s get to it.


1. Actions

There are a few buttons you’ll find on your page that helps users to communicate faster with you. For example, if your business is a restaurant, those who visit your page can order, send messages or contact you.

News Feed - a feature less important

2. Business information

You’re able to publish information such as working hours or prices.

News Feed - a feature less important

3. Stories visibility

This update is available since 2017, but Facebook works on a higher visibility of brands through Facebook Stories. Try to communicate with your target trough fun, chill topics, something that represents your brand.


4. Recommendations

Those who interact with your business trough Facebook can recommend your services.

The recommendation will be available on your page and visible for the community of the one who posted it, in order for other users to find out about your business as well.

This article is inspired by some news on Buffer blog, a place full of inspiration for us.

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