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IGTV – your new source of money

After 18 months since its launch, IGTV may finally let video makers earn money for their qualitative content. The app lets you add videos up to 60 minutes long, becoming a strong competitor to YouTube which has been the main platform for video uploading since its launch in 2006.

The feature is still in the works, as Instagram has internally developed an Instagram Partner Program prototype that would let creators earn money by showing ads along with their videos. This should work like Facebook Watch, where users earn from “Ad Breaks” inserted in the middle of their video.

But don’t get your hopes too high as the IGTV monetization won’t be available for everybody. You would have to be ‘Eligible’ according to criteria we don’t yet have details about. Some of the conditions you’d have to respect might be similar to the ones available for the ‘Swipe Up’ story feature such as a number of at least 10k followers.

Once named eligible, tap on “Monetization Tools” where the screen will show the following message: “You can earn money by running short ads on your IGTV videos. When you monetize on IGTV, you agree to follow the Partner Program Monetization Policies.”

This new feature could work just as YouTube or Facebook with the 55/45 split that’s already in effect. The question is: Would IGTV go for something different to attract more users to their platform or keep the same percentage of earnings?

Recently, Instagram has dropped the homescreen button for opening IGTV and created a stand-alone app for it. Although the download numbers didn’t go as high as they expected, the hope is that with this new feature available for content creators, more users will download and spend quality time on IGTV.

Unfortunately, the content on the “Popular” feed on IGTV isn’t the most qualitative at this moment, with many of the videos being of low-quality, unoriginal and meme-style. The new monetization program should be a trigger for many influencers to deliver only the most inspiring videos.

It remains to be seen when this feature will be available for users, but it sure sounds promising.

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