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How to sell on Instagram

New tool to increase sales or How to sell on Instagram

First step to a succesful strategy on Instagram is creation of relevant content for your target. Here are some tips that will help you to upgrade your page.

How to sell on Instagram tips no 1:


1. User-generated content

Your target needs to trust your brand first. This is the moment of decision, he is going to buy your product or nah. What can help your audience to trust your brand is called user generated content. You share what your buyers said about you. Those who already bought products from your brand are relevant.

How to sell on Instagram

How to sell on Instagram tips no. 2


2. Post Instastories with how it’s made

Instastory is a tool you can benefit from to increase your business value. Use it to post 3 or 4 times a week about the process of making or about how your product is delivered to your buyers: packaging, time of delivery and so on.

How to sell on Instagram


3. Use Swipe Up feature

If your brand has over 10k followers on Instagram, use swipe up feature. Your audience had direct acces to your website or whatever link you want to promote.

How to sell on Instagram


4. Use funny content and GIFs

We like to see funny stuff all the time. New generation loves memes because they are like a fresh breath of air after so many call to action buttons, promotions, sales, promotions again. Be cool, sometimes it helps.

This article is inspired by what we see on Buffer blog, that happy place on internet where we find relevant information.

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