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· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·

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· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
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· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·

If a business was a person, the brand wouldn’t just be the clothes they wear, it would be the way in which they present themselves, the sound of their voice and the language they speak.

This is why we create brands which extend further than just a logo - we build entire personalities.

· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
Web Design

We combine beautiful and user friendly design with solid coding and stellar service. We already know that you are a unique snow-flake, but now it’s time you show it to the whole world (wide web).

Whether we talk about Web Design Services, or Web Development, we're here to start a new story together.

· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·

Without well written content, your website is just an empty shell. We can help you set an appropriate tone of voice to go with your brand, and write engaging copy for your website.

What you say is always important; but how you say it makes the whole difference. We’ll stare into our screens for hours, just so that you can say “Hello!”. We’ll figure out thousands of new ways to tell just one story. Your story.

· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
Social Media

Social Media is love, Social Media is life. This is the ultimate trend among businesses and brands. It is said that a brand that is not present in Social Media, does not exist at all.

Even if it is your Facebook Page, or Instagram one, we’ll be here, thinking about the appropriate tone of voice and the right jokes for your brand.

· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
Print and Digital Design

We let the fundamentals of design guide our hands. It’s all about building beautiful materials for your business, so that audiences will see a genuine, open and honest story.

We make banners, prints, album covers, Adwords visuals, and everything you think you need.

· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
Art Direction

We exist to help you build meaningful connections between your brand and your audiences.

Together we will come to one effective and clear vision; because only together, we can create.

Our clients

We love them!

· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·

They can’t be wrong

Numerous projects we have worked at over the years have been awarded and nominated on these online platforms.
quart agency awards quart agency awards


The design of our website was supposed to be elegant, refined, to convey exactly who we are and especially what delicious products we sell. Some common clients made us acquainted with the Quart Creative Agency and, after the first layout proposal, we understood that we finally found our team.

Mihaela Toma, Manager, Saveur

Quart is a fresh, dynamic team. They’re always up to date and we’ve been working together for a long time. I can count on them to always deliver projects just the way I want them.

INNA, Artist

To me, Quart is much more than a digital service provider. I need agility, quality and relevance whenever I communicate. The Quart team doesn’t just give me all of these things; it does it while putting their hearts and souls into getting the result I want. Thank you, Quart, for your passion and involvement.

Sorin Stratulat, Hairstylist, Beauty District

It already feels as though the guys from Quart are part of our team. They constantly strive to build the Pescariu Sports & Spa brand, and every component of their work is perfectly polished. It’s a pleasure to work with them, and we’re always happy with the results.

Letitia Pescariu, Pescariu Sports&Spa

Sometimes, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want. Quart managed to show me through graphic design what I hadn’t been able to express with words. Panacea Urban Apothecary looks exactly as I dreamed it would. After working on two projects together, I can safely say I’m looking forward to the third.

Sabrina Marinescu, Co-founder, Panacea

Quart made a difference when it came to rebranding our business, redoing the website, editing pictures and creating both online and offline promotional products. The quality of their work soon turned into reservations and great feedback from customers who appreciated our professional approach. We’ve been recommending Quart as a business growth partner, and we’ll continue to do so.

Oana Toma, Marketing Manager, Hadar Chalet

We’ve been working with Quart since last year but the Bold Charts website is the most complex and fresh project yet. When we created this concept (Bold Charts), we already had a connection with the team and the brief came to them naturally. The meetings were very efficient and the platform was created quite fast. I liked the proactive spirit in developing various functionalities and the solution-oriented attitude of the team.

Thank you! There are more project to come.

Roxana Niculae – Special Projects Manager / Cat Music

I contacted Quart because I wanted to add a fresh look to my website, that represents me in this moment. Together with the agency’s webdesigners, we created a website that inspires me, that I like, and that I hope my fans like, too.

I was delighted to find not only talented and dedicated people, but a united and relaxed team with who I really like collaborating with.

Quart Studio

We are the perfect match for your project

We Bring The Extra In The Ordinary.

Quart is a small, award-winning but fierce creative agency with a knack for spotless design and smooth functionality.  Our team is devoted to crafting compelling online and offline experiences.

We are creatives, developers and organizers. We are beards, dresses and funky shoes.  But most of all, we’re the ones that filter through the noise and handpick only those elements that are a pleasure to interact with.

Our in-house skills include everything from branding, copywriting and graphic design to web design, development and e-commerce. We love blending the rational with the intuitive, the analytical with the inspired. We pursue brilliance and we live for fine details. we take pride in being experts at what we do. Pure awesomeness is the cornerstone of our approach. We’re always searching for that next great thing and for new ways to make it happen.

At the end, we throw in a little extra sparkle for good measure. The resulting mix is what wakes us up early in the morning and keeps us going until deep into the night.

We are Quart.


· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·
· You Dream. We Design. Online & Offline. ·

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You dream. We design. Online & Offline.
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