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Design trends – 2018

Webdesign, same as fashion and cinematography, is based on trends that come and go. This year, UI trends are oversized, bold, flashy and allow you to immerse in their design. While 2017 trends followed AI (artificial intelligence), those from 2018 integrate AR (augumented reality) and VR (virtual reality). Keep in mind, they play a huge role in actual trends.

Let’s check out some design trends hot atm:


Oversized fonts

Typoghraphy is a UI characteristic that designer experience most. They are used for videos, visuals or animations, in different colors and different layouts.

Design trends – 2018


Abstract illustrations and gradient

This year is all about abstract illustrations, asymmetry and disobeyed design. The main purpose is to break that classic rules, already bording and to bring a fresh touch in the actual design. We agree that this is an actual update everybody needed. A new personality and a new face of web design.


Vintage look

Even though is a type of design used in previous years, vintage look is still a huge trend. It can be that special touch of your brand, but it’s crucial to know when and for who can be used. Not all brands are friends with vintage look.

Design trends – 2018



VR (Virtual Reality)

Today’s users seek digital experiences. They don’t want to see things, they want to live them.

Design trends – 2018



3D Elements

3D Elements may seem unusual for websites, but they are more popular day by day and our gut tells us that will play a huge role also in 2019.

Design trends – 2018



The final touch of a website is always a catchy sound, giving you a special vibe related to a FOMO experience.

This article is inspired by the news of blog, always there to give us the right information.

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