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Best websites to upload your portfolio

The best chance to show off your work in front of the right people is to use specialized websites.

You can build your own website to share your work but it’s so much simpler to use a free portfolio website that already have a community build around it.

Here are the 10 best free portfolio websites on the www.



1. Behance

There’s no secret here. If you are a designer, you must be crazy about Behance. It’s like the paradise of portfolios. Users can share their design via images, and they will receive feedback from the other users. The validation rule.

The best part is that Behance became a platform not different kind of creatives who work in fashion, photography, illustration, graphic design, marketing or videos. Basically, all the visual artists are welcomed here.


2. Dribbble

It works just like Behance, except the fact that it allows you to show off your work in progress projects. It doesn’t have to be finished yet.

Make a free account and you can upload screenshots in various stages of the design process. Recruiters from brands such as Airbnb or Apple have used Dribbble to find designers for gigs and jobs.


3. Portfolio

If you’re feeling a little bit more creative and you want to express yourself through an out of the box portfolio, use this website with the same name. It’s not a pre-built platform like Behance or Dribbble and you can customize more.

4. Coroflot

You can compare Coroflot with Behance or Dribbble. Designers share their work with other designers. There are more than 150.000 projects published every month from different kind of artist: designers, photographers, illustrators.

And if you’re looking to hire, there is an employers area you should check out. Companies such as Nokia, Microsoft or Nike have all used it to find new talent.


5. Portfoliobox

It’s so simple to use Portfoliobox and so effective, It’s tailored to help designers, musicians, artists, illustrators or models in their process of creating a portfolio that suits their needs. It also comes with a features that allows you to customise themes, so don’t worry it won’t fit your style.

If you want to upgrade to premium, you will pay a 6.9$ / month subscription.


Free trial

There are a few portfolio websites that allows you to use them with a free trial before jumping into a paid premium membership.


6. Fabrik

You can easily integrate different types of media such as audio, images or video. The free trial period is 14 days and after that you have the option to sign up for the premium subscription.

You can opt in for personal, professional or unlimited subscription, depending on what you need.


7. Carbonmade

One of the most popular portfolio websites out there, with almost 2 millions portfolios created. A lot of users prefer Carbonmade because it’s the easy way out with the drag and drop feature.

Carbonmade comes with a free trial, but if you want to enjoy it for a long time, you have to pay 8 $ / month. it comes with 8 projects available.


8. Cargo

A very simple portfolio creator and easy to customize. All you have to do is to create an account and craft a portfolio that will blow other users away. Also, Cargo offers you the chance to meet potential clients.

You can opt in for yearly subscription (99$) or monthly subscription (13$), both of them including a library of templates, fonts and images.


Build your own

There are a few platforms that will help you build your own portfolio. We called them Do it Yourself.


9. WordPress

More than 30% of all websites are using WordPress and that because is incredibly customizable. There is a massive library of templates to start your website.

And it’s also really cheap. prices start at 3$ / month.


10. SquareSpace

Don’t worry if you are a rookie coder, there’s a platform that will fit your skills. SquareSpace has a lot of drag and drop themes with customizable layouts in order for you to create a unique portfolio.

SquareSpace is completely free, but if you want to upgrade to premium, their offerings start at 9$ / month.


Tips for your online portfolio:

  1. Keep a goal in mind
  2. Don’t show everything you’ve done
  3. Keep your portfolio up to date
  4. Use testimonials
  5. Be yourself
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